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“Now I can get to all of my personal health records, anytime, any place from one convenient, easy to use private and secure personal health record system……”

Testimonial – Gary Simons, El Cerrito, Calf.


MyCrisisRecords.com is here for you to manage your health information, Much time and planning has gone into developing Mycrisisrecords.com so that it could become the most extensive, easy to use, valuable personal MCR™ (Personal Health Crisis Record) system for you.

Our primary goal is to provide you with the best product we can. It’s time to take control of your own health. Leaving your well-being to someone else is no longer a viable option.

Our Personalized My Crisis Records System lets you …

  • Organize your personal health information, with everything in one place
  • Simplify your life by entering health information and using it in multiple ways
  • Gain a sense of security with your critical information immediately available to first responders during a personal medical emergency on the scene.

Our personal health crisis record system will become a lifelong resource and will empower you with healthcare providers. You will become more engaged in decisions as you navigate through the daunting healthcare system.

Your medical needs will be instantly available to emergency personnel, giving them the right information at the right time when you are in an emergency situation with our patent pending ON DEMAND CRISIS RESPONSE TRANSMITTAL SERVICE™.

Protect you and your loved ones in times of emergency, and help better communicate with your healthcare providers and those providers unfamiliar with your medical and/or social needs Our remote and pre loaded digital devices offer an abundance of self-help resources to assist you in sustaining well being and understand ways to promote healthy lifestyles

My Crisis Records On Demand Crisis Transmittal Service™ will:

mark Connect you and your healthcare team by making your information accessible when and where care is needed

mark Help eliminate mistakes, enhance care, and be there for you during an emergency

mark Life saving information can be delivered on demand, on the scene, saving valuable time

mark Our unique patent pended PHR system function includes;

mark Current medication records.

mark Medical history, conditions, treatments, allergies and immunizations

mark Members self report test and measurement data.

mark Provider, pharmacy, hospital, insurance and emergency contact information.

mark Printer friendly health record reports for both the members, health providers & care givers.

mark Ability to import data from shared medical information sources such as primary care physicians, hospitals, clinics etc.

mark Pre loaded self-help wellness and prevention resources and toolkits

mark Patent pending software allowing first responders instant access “on the scene” of a personal medical emergency.

mark Critical data screen includes, allergy, blood type, medications, and emergency contact information.

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